Environmental protection begins on your patio

Sustainability starts even with your choice of cross spacer. PLATTENFIX opted for sustainable, environmentally friendly products long before climate change and recycling became social issues. In the 1980s, sealing of the ground surface played no role and many harmful side-effects of chemicals were not yet known.

That has fortunately now changed. What has remained the same are the standards that we set ourselves and the market-leading position of our support pads when it comes to sustainability.

All PLATTENFIX products are part of the recycling chain. Either they consist themselves of 100% recycled plastics, or they are made from materials that can be 100% recycled many times over.

No use of chemical interaction:
All PLATTENFIX products work purely mechanically - without any bonding agents, adhesives or other hazardous substances. No pollutants seep out, even over many years of use. And at the end of their life, pure materials are very much easier to recycle than products that have been stuck together.

No soil sealing:
PLATTENFIX products enable water to flow away freely. Rain drops thus find their way back into the global water cycle. 

All PLATTENFIX products are packed in highly recyclable, environmentally friendly boxes and we largely refrain from using any plastic packaging.