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The company - Hans Kaim GmbH:

For more than 40 years, the Hans Kaim company has been firmly in family hands, standing with its name for extreme expertise in the field of paving slab pads, height-adjustable pedestal supports on balconies and terraces and for cross spacers in the garden and landscaping and tiling trades. Hans Kaim, after whom the company is named, transformed his business in 1977 from one supplying components to the toys industry into a firm with its own products. Since then the company's affairs have already been managed by three generations of the female side of the family: Hans Kaim's wife Veronika Kaim and daughter Magdalena Kraiß-Güdü (1979-2011) and now granddaughter Meryem Güdü (since 2012).

As a family business we place great importance on a close working relationship with our employees, without whom the great success of PLATTENFIX would not have been possible. At the same time this success shows that cost-efficiency and a corporate philosophy of caring for staff and the environment are not mutually exclusive, but rather that they complement each other extremely well. 

As specialists for paving slab pads, pedestals and cross spacers, Kaim has been making PLATTENFIX to a high level of quality for many years. All staff at the family business in Oberschwarzach, Germany also constantly work on improving this high standard still further. A particularly important element in this is dialogue with specialist retailers, users, planners and architects. In this way ideas and suggestions get incorporated from practitioners in the field and turned into new features and enhancements and specialist knowledge of products and their use gets passed on.

With expert, innovative product development, tested and certified (to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) production processes and fast, reliable and timely service, Hans Kaim is the market leader for pedestal supports made of recycled plastic.

Be it classic setts, quasi-natural grass joints or classy ceramic surfaces, be it with or without a slope, on an even sub-surface or with major differences in height, PLATTENFIX has the perfect solution for your project.